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climb out only to dive in again.  (at Barton Springs Austin TX)
robot control.
sunday baking. 
spreading flour and pausing to study the swirls. 
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and these to stunning hoppers!
(actually brought these two fellas back with me to austin to do some more macro work with them tomorrow using my DSLR and microscope)
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i’ve always loved bugs. 
catch them on a cold morning like today and you’ll appreciate the detail of these little critters. 
look at those patterns!
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up early to help a buddy with some ranch work in bastrop.
this weekend’s rain is welcome.  
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wandering wild fields hunting for what remains. 
#photogroupatx #pgguestpost
so to kick off my @photogroupatx weekend, i’ll introduce myself right quick. 
born+raised in ohio, lived on both coasts and now find myself back in the middle here in atx. my first decade of photog was spent looking through a nikkormat FT2, and now thoroughly indulge in digital decadence. 
this weekend i hope to show you a bit of my process and how i use my phone to scout scenes and experiment with composition.

this first shot captures what most often has me contorted over objects trying to find just the right angle and light.
morning light, textures and tones.
if you know me, you know i’ve always got a sheet of paper and pen in my pocket for jotting down ideas and such. 
each folded “pocket paper” typically lasts about two weeks before it is either filled with thoughts or wrinkled past use. 
then it goes into a binder with the last four+ years worth. 
last weekend i folded a new piece and then worked outside in the heat all day. soaked in sweat and formed to the shape of my thigh and a ballpoint pen, i had to scrap it. 
but not before studying it’s beautiful patterns. 
pocket patterns!